Stove by a Whale

is a collaboration between Steven He and Seongeun Lee curated by Jiayue He. 

It is currently on show at Stafford St, London
Together, they draw inspiration from their different journeys. Steven’s utopian fictions are envisioned by tracing the source of ideas and cultural traditions back to their origins, while Seongeun translates the harsh realities of life into the language of dreams. Jiayue brings these two together to explore the notion of contemporary archives, questioning how individuals connect to their roots and claim their identities. 

"We're interested in areas where tides change, and the ground isn't firm".

While architecture grounded in rational thinking is built on solid land, this shifting terrain challenges traditional paradigms. In this horizontal space without hierarchy, we explore new possibilities. By showing this liminal space, we invite the audience to envision a place like a border crossing between two worlds."

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